Our Story

It is a human characteristic that we notice our aging gradually, and we don't notice our dislike until it is fixed!  Then we wonder why we waited to get the help we needed all along!  Sometimes we don't even see ourselves, we see a family member!  (I knew I needed help when I looked in the mirror and saw my father! --Dr. Owings)  It is very fulfilling as a physician to see the happy faces, sometimes with tears of joy, after injecting the muscle relaxers (for the muscles that make the lines) and fillers (for the hollows not due to muscles).  Love your mirror!  Refer a friend!

Our Approach

We want you happy with a younger version of you!  You will have Dr. Owings' full attention while you are at Rejuvenation Station.  You won't meet anyone in the waiting room:  there isn't one.  And she believes that if she's done her job correctly, you'll be able to return to work after your visit, with people noticing only that you looked refreshed.  On vacation.  During lunch...

Why Dr. Owings Health?

We focus on private, personalized service.  You will be scheduled with plenty of time to see Dr. Owings, without worrying about who will see you in the waiting room.  You will be the only one there, and you won't wait.

With years of experience making people look like a younger version of themselves, Dr. Owings delights in providing a personalized plan that can fit almost any budget.  She can schedule Saturdays and Sundays if need be.

A Note from Dr. Owings:

My highest compliment is when someone I've helped love their mirror refers a friend to me.  Be sure I know who sent you, so I can thank them!

Dr. Owings

Elizabeth Owings, MD

Founder, Owner, CEO, etc.

Dr. Owings has been injecting and training for years.  She received the I. Mims Gage Teaching Award from Tulane in 1994, and has been training and teaching in the southeast in the ensuing decades.  Now a certified trainer of the Vampire® procedures, including the O-shot®, she proudly trains physicians and certified practitioners how to "turn back the clock" on their sexual function!

Board certified surgeon, board certified Pediatrician, she has studied how the body forms and how the body performs.  She learned how the body functions best to procreate, and how it looks the finest to attract a mate!

Text now to see how you can be your most attractive!

Next Steps...

Text or call for an appointment.  Include your first name, what day(s) work for you and general concerns (eg "lines on face", "want to look younger but I've never done this before", "interested in Vampire procedure").  I'll get back with you shortly with some appointment times.